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Registration 2022/2023

When: Mon, 01-Aug-2022 - Thu, 01-Jun-2023




Registration Fees

Registration includes ice time, insurance, Ringette BC fees, TORL league fees and referee costs. For the 2022/2023 season, the registration fees remain the same as last year. As mentioned at the AGM, we will be offering an early registration discount for all returning members who register prior to Monday, August 15, 2022. If you need assistance or need to apply for a payment plan, please reach out to the registrar, Katrina Ainslie at Click here. Remember the more early registrations we have, the more easily we can plan for the coming season!

Please review the Volunteer Policy on the Registration page as it will again apply to the 2022/2023 season.

Any U14, U16 or U19 players who are planning to try-out with the intention of making a Zone team will be required to pay a $20 fee at the time of registration. This will secure players a space in the try-outs and will be paid by Westside Ringette to TORL to cover the try-out fees. To secure your space in the Zone try-outs for your player, please make sure to click box titled Try-Out for Zone Team (U14, U16, U19) that is below the player fees. If you need more information on the Zone program, please see the TORL website at http://torl.ca/index.php


Division and Age

Player Fees

**Early Returning Player Fees 

Regular Returning Player Fees

***Zone Try Out Fees

U9 Birth years 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018  $175.00 $175.00 $275.00 n/a

U10 Birth years 2014 & 2013

$325.00 $ 425.00 $525.00 n/a

U12 Birth years 2011 & 2012

$ 325.00 $ 425.00 $525.00 n/a

U14 Birth years 2009 & 2010

$ 325.00 $ 425.00 $525.00 $545.00

U16 Birth years 2007 & 2008

$ 325.00 $ 425.00 $525.00 $545.00
U19 Birth years 2004, 2005 & 2006 $ 325.00 $ 425.00 $525.00 $545.00
Open 18+ Birth years 2003 or earlier  $325.00 $425.00 $525.00  
Full-time Goalie $ 325.00 $ 325.00 $ 325.00 $345.00


* New players are players playing in their first season of Ringette with Westside Ringette. New players are not eligible for Discount codes.

**Early Registration fees apply to any registrations that have been completed either with full payment or with a payment plan arrangement prior to Monday, August 15, 2022. 

***Zone try-out fees are to be purchased at time of registration for any U14, U16 or U19 players who will be participating in the Zone Try-outs. 


Payments and signed waiver forms must be received before a player is permitted on the ice. Waivers are now attached to the registration form so please ensure that they are complete. 


Payment Plan

Westside Ringette offers a 4-payment installment plan to help make the costs of registration more affordable. The plan is on approval and requires the first installment up front, plus three post-dated cheques dated the last Friday of Aug., Sept. and Oct.. Please contact the oqemrwpmi5Dlsxqemp2gsq');">Click here?subject=Question%20for%20the%20registrar">Registrar for enquiries and to be approved under the installment plan.

If you sign up after the due date of any of the installments, those installment amounts will be added into your initial payment.


Financial Assistance

Some families may be eligible to have all or some of their registration fees covered through JumpStart funding or other programs. For further information please see the Canadian Tire Jumpstart website or contact the oqemrwpmi5Dlsxqemp2gsq');">Click here?subject=Question%20regarding%20Financial%20Assistance">Registrar for additional information.


Practice Times

Ice-times are extremely limited as we compete with minor hockey, the Warriors, figure-skating programs and other recreational users of Jim Lind Arena and Royal Lepage Place. It's almost impossible to predict how many teams in each division will need ice until teams are formed in September, therefore we are unable to tell you when practice times will be scheduled until teams are formed. Times/days of the week are also subject to change as the season progresses. 

We are requesting ice-times from the City of West Kelowna similar to what we have previously received. In recent years, we have had evening ice times on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We will also be utilizing the ice at Ultimate Hockey this season on Saturday afternoon and evenings with the intention of having the FUN program utilize the smaller ice surface. Some teams may have additional practices as determined by the coaching staff.

Practice times will be posted on our website as soon as they are scheduled. Go to www.westsideringette.ca and click on a team to view its calendar .


More Questions ?

Please contact the oqemrwpmi5Dlsxqemp2gsq');">Click here?subject=Question%20for%20the%20registrar">Registrar if you have any questions.


Max. Participants: 140

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Sat, 31-Dec-2022 23:45


Katrina Ainslie
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