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2022 Membership Application

When: Sat, 01-Jan-2022 - Sat, 31-Dec-2022

Membership fee: 

First Claim General Membership - $60 + $43 ABA Insurance = $103  (no race fees included)
First Claim Full Membership - $110 + $43 ABA Insurance = $153 (includes all race fees)
First Claim Membership Ages 70 and over-  $0 + $43 ABA Insurance = $43 (includes all race fees)
Second Claim General Membership - $60  (no race fees included)
Second Claim Full Membership - $110 (includes all race fees)
Second Claim Membership Ages 70 and over - $0 (includes all race fees)
Remote Membership $43 (includes ABA Insurance but no race fees)
NOTES: If joining EMCC as a second-claim member, you must be a first-claim member of an ABA affiliated club, and must provide proof of insurance  (through the ABA) before you will be allowed to participate in club events.
Memberships (Apprentice Masters) are now available to those riders who turn 25 to 29 in this calendar year.  Such memberships are only available as second claim members described above, and racing/riding is limited to group rides and time trial events only.

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Sat, 31-Dec-2022 23:00


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